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Ask ILUS Electronics

Dear ILUS,

I run a home business and have the occasional client or vendor stop by. I also have a cleaning lady, tutor and piano teacher coming in and out. I don’t want to give everyone some type of key or pass code. I need more security for my family. Running to the door in the middle of the work day is also very distracting. I need some recommendations for the appropriate Access Control device(s). Just so you know I have a main entrance and a kitchen entrance which is used by family members and close friends. Thanks for your help.

Janice M.

Philadelphia, PA


Dear Janice,

There are many solutions for your situation and depending on your overall budget, we can help accordingly. The ideal solution would be the 7" Video Intercom with backlit Keypad - Telephone Integrated. This system enables you to get a visual of visitors and the ability to speak to them via phone and allow them entrance that way.

Here’s how it will work:

The video outdoor station will be set up at your main entrance (where clients, vendors and strangers in general would enter). You will set up the stainless steel door phone at the front entrance as well and purchase a second door phone for your kitchen entrance. The Telephone to Audio Door Phone adapter will connect to your phone system.  Finally, the 7 inch TFT LCD wide screen color monitor will be set up in your office.  You can purchase up to three additional monitors to install around your home.

Once the system is installed you will be able to view your clients and vendors and allow them access via the video element. Assuming you are away from a monitor and you here the bell ring, the telephone integration allows you to get voice confirmation on your home/business phone and allow entrance that way. For frequent visitors, staff or your family the door phone allows for easy access via a predetermined code.

As your business and family evolves you can further expand the system. Any way you slice it, you will be in control. There are many features and benefits to this set up and it would be our pleasure to walk you through them. First, take a look at our site. Second, give us a call or email us at sales@iluselectronics.com .