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How To Choose And Install A Video Intercom System?

The following Q&A will help you select the best Intercom System for your home or office. Please read and do not hesitate to call our experts for additional advice. 

Q1 - I have older parents that have difficulties walking. When visitors come to the front door and rings the bell my parents have a hard time to reach the door in order to see who is the visitor and unlock the door. What intercom should I get for them that will let them answer the call, speak with the visitor and unlock the door ? 

A1 - Assuming that most, if not all, people have a cordless phone or are next to wired phone we recommend that you consider one of our Telephone Integrated Intercom Systems. ILUS Electronics carries Telephone Integrated Intercoms for ONE Door/Gate, TWO Door/Gate or for a Duplex/Twin (or any 2 tenant house) with 2 common entries. The system includes 2 main components: Doorphone installed at the front door/gate and a Telephone to Doorphone Adapter. 

When a visitor at the door calls, the phone rings with a distinctive ring*. The homeowner answers the call and if he or she chooses to let the visitor in they can unlock the door by pressing the "0" key on the phone. 

If a visitor at the front door calls while the homeowner is on a phone call, the homeowner will hear a call waiting signal, press # to put the caller on hold, speak with the front door visitor and if he/she chooses they can let the visitor in by pressing 0. 

These systems also have a nice surveillance feature allowing the homeowner to listen to the door surroundings by picking up the phone and pressing #1 to initiate a call to Doorphone 1 and #2 to Doorphone 2.

 NOTE: ILUS Electronics offers two groups of intercoms with the same features: for 1 (ONE) Door/Gate or for 2 (TWO) Doors/gates. To see these Telephone integrated Intercoms options of these click on the following Links: 

 Telephone Entry Systems One Door

 Telephone Entry System Two Door

 Expansion: We now offer a more advanced system that in addition to the features described in A1 it is also possible to direct calls from the doorphone to a cellular phone or any phone away from home. The system with this added feature is offered as a Voice only system or as a voice and visual video intercom with call forwarding capability. To see these options click on the following links: 

 Telephone Entry - PBX - Call Forwarder with Anti Vandal Door Phone

 Video Intercom 7" monitor with anti-vandal PBX doorphone and call forwarder


Q2 - I would like to have the features described in A1 but with the capability to see the visitor while I speak to them. What systems are available and which one will fit my needs?

A2 - There are variety of intercoms that will satisfy your basic needs. Essentially, all video intercom systems will allow you to do the following: Answer a call from the door or gate, see your visitors day and night and unlock. The most common two groups are: Wired and Wireless Video Intercoms. 

As a general rule wireless video intercoms are limited in range and are susceptible to interferences that, at best, will have an effect on the image and voice quality and in a worse situation may cause loss of communication with the door. Due to the fact that the wireless intercom radiates in all directions and, in most cases, the data is insufficiently encrypted, the system could be vulnerable to interfernces and subject to be breached by a 3rd party. 

The range guaranted by wireless video intercom manufacturers is defined for free spaces, not accounting for any objects in the radiation pattern. Objects may reduce the range down to 50 - 100ft. 

Wired Intercoms are significantly more stable, consistent in their performance, more secure and significantly less susceptible to  inteferences.

Q3 - What is the maximum wiring distances for wired video Intercoms?

A3 - Maximum wiring length between the Door Phone (many times referred to as an outdoor station) and the last monitor in the installation chain:

  • Traditional 4-Wire Video Intercoms are limited to a maximum distance of 90-100ft when using typical AWG 22, 4 conductor shielded untwisted security wire and 250ft when using a 75 Ohm coaxial cable for the video line.
  • 2-Wire Video Intercoms’ wiring length can be up to 700 - 800ft, subject to certain conditions. Typical cable used is 2 conductors, 14AWG unshielded twisted and each conductor stranded.

 Q4 - How many Monitors and Doorphones could be integrated?

  • 4-Wire Video Intercoms -  Typically it is possible to integrate up to 2 Doorphones and 3 monitors in most cases and even 4 monitors in short distance installations.
  • 2-Wire Video Intercoms - Typically it is possible to integrate up to 4 Doorphones and 16 monitor in a Single Family Home installation and up to 32 for an apartment building installation. Some adjustments to these numbers may be necessary subject to wiring length and wiring type used.