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Should Daycare Centers Lock their Doors?

Proving that Access Control is for everyone, young and old, one of the most common requests that we get is regarding the security of daycare centers for both children and the elderly. Both types of facilities have individuals that are brought in for their own enrichment and security. For that reason it is vital that there is a convenient and easy way to protect entrances without physically having individuals at every point of access.

The most ideal solution for both types of daycare is a video intercom system. With an option of up to 16 monitors, employees in various areas of the facility can see a visitor at the door and allow them access.  These monitors can connect to surveillance cameras pointing at entrances and other crucial areas such as parking lots or outdoor play and leisure areas. In addition, front door visitor call can be forwarded to a land line to leave a message for a particular employee. So many situations are covered by the options that a video intercom system affords you.

Visitors are not the only individuals that require entrance at a daycare facility. Family members drop off and pick up their loved ones. For busy mornings and evenings, vetting each family member via monitor could become a burden. Outdoor stations allow you to set up a convenient point of entry by choosing an option with a keypad for custom codes and/or RFID cards or KEYFOBS given to employees or family members. The outdoor stations can be installed just about anywhere with flush and surface mount options.

Imagine the following scenario: Parents drop off their little ones during a certain timeframe in the morning. The facility could choose to have their doors open at this point to make the morning rush a little smoother. After a certain point the facility is locked down tight. Late comers can either enter their code at an outdoor station or be greeted via monitor and allowed access. Throughout the day, deliveries and potential visitors are allowed access only after visual and audial confirmation. At the end of the day, the rules can go back to the same rush hour set of rules as morning. For instances where the facility members are off site on a field trip, which is very common in adult daycares, or outdoors enjoying the weather, the call forwarding option allows visitors to leave a message.

It’s all very simple and very important. Our dearest assets require the best of care and security. When caretakers are focused on their charges and not running to check the door we all have peace of mind.