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Attention customers: While ILUS Electronics provides free technical support for our products we are not an installation service and are not affiliated with any installers.  We sell Access Control products. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain a licensed and experienced installer. We are not responsible for errors in installation and/or products rendered faulty as a result of installation or incompatibility with other products. Damages caused as a result of installation errors are not covered by warranty (See Warranty for complete details). We are happy to guide you in the installation process to the best of our abilities.   Please ask the pertinent installation and compatibility questions prior to purchase and installation. Thank you.

ILUS Electronics Warranty Policy

ILUS Electronics warrants to customers that during the applicable warranty period our products will conform to and operate in accordance with the applicable documentation.

ILUS Electronics products’ general limited warranty period is up to 12 months (when applicable1) from the date of receipt. The warranties do not extend to any damages or malfunction incurred as a result of improper installation or use, including lightning, power surges and other recognized “Force majeure” causing damages or failures.

If a product is not in working order during the warranty period, ILUS Electronics requires a written notice with a clear account of how the product failed to operate as well as valid evidence that the product remains under warranty. For products that meet warranty standards, ILUS Electronics will issue an RMA. When product is received by ILUS Electronics, we will perform a full technical and quality review. Products meeting the warranty requirements will either be repaired or replaced at ILUS Electronics’ discretion. Replaced or repaired products are warranted for the remainder of the original purchase period.


1)     Inquire regarding the product warranty for the item you are purchasing.