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About Us


Who We Are

ILUS Electronics was founded by an Electrical Engineer with a desire to apply his experience in knowledge from high tech civilian and military projects to functional everyday solutions. We source quality products that are cost effective, efficient, reliable and easy to use.

What do we offer to our customers?

ILUS has carefully put together a complete and unique line of the following exclusive products:

  • Access Control Keypads
  • Integrated Access Control Keypads and Door Phones
  • Telephone Integrated Intercoms
  • PABX and PBX Access Control and Entry Systems
  • Entry Systems for Single Family Homes, Twines, Apartment Building and Condominiums
  • Stand Alone Intercoms and Gated Community Access
  • Remote Activated Electric Locks

We provide free advice for optimal utilization of our products.

Consulting and Design Services for Access Control, Entry Systems, Telecommunication and Intercoms


Why Choose ILUS Electronics

We are not your typical "nobody to talk to" internet store. You can call us with a question or problem that requires a specific solution and we will call you back.

We are a family owned and operated company

Whether you're a dealer or an end user, ILUS Electronics provides cost-effective, sophisticated access control, Intercom, entry systems and PABX/PBX door phone systems for all types of customers.

  • Cost
    At ILUS Electronics overhead is kept low thus passing the savings to our customers 

  • Fit
    The ILUS Electronics product line meets the requirements of 80% of all access control, intercom and communication projects. 

  • Simplicity
    Our operating manuals and other support materials makes it easy to install, learn, configure, bid, install, and operate the equipment we sell. 

  • Expandability
    You can add features as needed and expand your system to match user requirements. 

  • Reliability
    Extremely durable, designed products with best-in-the-industry, maintenance free technology. 

  • Support
    Pre-sale system design and post-sale installation support. 

  • Delivery
    Most orders ship within 24 to 48 hours. 

  • Uniqueness
    Innovative system architecture, sleek and modern European design. 

  • People
    ILUS Electronics is made up of the founder and the Wellner family 


Our mission is to continually utilize our technical know how and experience in order to deliver optimal solutions to our customers, no matter their size.


  1. We will strive to support our customers through the selection and purchase process, as well as installation and technical support.
  2. All products will be tested and all packages will be inspected to insure quality control.
  3. No question or concern will go unanswered. Our customers deserve our attention and we vow to return inquiries via email or phone within 48 hours of receipt.


ILUS Electronics is both a retail and wholesale outfit. If you are interested in distribution opportunities, big or small, please contact our sales department at wholesale@iluselectronics.com or 850-701-0590.

Telephone Sales and Tech Support:  850-701-0590. Operating Hours 9AM-5PM EST