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Daycare Center Doors: Improving Security Without Hassle

If you drop off your kids or grandkids at a daycare facility, your first concern is for their safety. That’s what the vast majority of parents and grandparents say.

The same is true for those who leave elderly or disabled relatives at facilities to be cared for during the day. You want your loved ones to be safe for their wellbeing and your peace of mind.

If you own or manage a daycare facility, you are well aware of these concerns. We offer solutions that are affordable and easy to implement.

Controlling Access – Increasing Safety Affordably

Given those concerns, you won’t be surprised to know that a large percentage of our clients are looking for access control keypad sets for their facilities. Placing personnel at every door is costly and inconvenient.

A better method is to use cost-effective and reliable technology to monitor the entrances and allow access by electronically unlocking doors. Installing this technology often pays for itself quickly because your facility will be more attractive to potential clients when it offers the security they’re looking for.

There are several ways to control access electronically. Here are your options.

Video Intercom Systems

Voice-only intercom systems don’t offer the security that video does, and the cost for adding video isn’t high. Video intercom security systems take the guesswork out of knowing who is at the door.

We offer systems with up to 16 monitors. Each monitor location is equipped with the electronic device necessary to unlock the door and allow access. The door is monitored to make sure no one else comes into the facility with the person you are granting access.

Using the video intercom system monitors, facility personnel can view feeds from cameras pointed at entrances, parking lots, play or leisure areas, the approaching streets, sidewalks, outbuildings and more.

Using the intercom, a visitor who arrives when the facility is closed can leave a voice message for a specific employee or the receptionist.

RFID Card and Key Fob Security Systems

Regular visitors to your facility, such as employees, parents, grandparents, after-hours cleaners or trusted vendors can be issued RFID cards or coded key fobs that provide them access.

Access Control RFID Keypad Sets allow personnel inside to spend less time watching monitors and granting access and more time with the individuals served by the facility. In this regard, they are a cost-effective way to boost the level of care and increase productivity of the staff.

Card and fob systems work with outdoor stations equipped with a card or fob reader for quick access. Your options include installing keypads too. With these devices access is granted through typing a code into the keypad.

These outdoor stations are available in attractive, non-obtrusive models offering flush or surface mounts.

Expand Your Options with Electronic Security

Some facilities leave doors unlocked during morning drop-off and afternoon/evening pick-up times to keep foot traffic flowing smoothly. At all other times, the doors are locked for security.

Those arriving when the doors are locked may gain access by using their RFID car or key fob, if they possess one, or typing in an entry code, if it has been given to them.

Other visitors are viewed via one of the monitors and given access electronically when it is appropriate. If the facility is closed, a voice message may be left by the visitor.


Adding a multi-functional video intercom system to your building is a win-win proposition. Potential clients have the confidence that their family members will be safe in your facility, and are much more likely to become customers.

Your facility will attract a higher caliber of employee when they know they’ll be working in a safe environment. 

The electronic surveillance, monitoring and access equipment is an upfront investment that becomes an asset. Installing a video intercom system will set you apart from the competition in the eyes of potential customers and employees, and that will pay off for your business.